The services that the company offers are:

Letter of Credit issuance and Documentary Collections service

A credit facility issued by Trade and Merchant Trust Ltd to its clients bank undertaking payment(s) on behalf of our corporate customers to a beneficiary/bank against presentation of documents complying with Letter of Credit terms. Eliminates cross border trading risks, increases cash flow and operating efficiencies. The service facilitates the settlement of international business trade transactions and ensures that products/goods that are ordered from overseas suppliers are shipped according to the agreed terms – and if so, assures that payment is perfected.

We also facilitate international trade transactions by providing documentary collection facility. Under this arrangement, the supplier knows that the shipping documents will be released to the buyer against payment (DP) or acceptance (DA) of draft, based on their payment agreement.

Export Letter of Credit

This service offers assurance of payment for export shipments based on presentation of documents that comply with the Letter of Credit

Fiduciary and Lock-Box services Available in all major currencies

Through its banking relationships throughout the world, Trade and Merchant Trust Ltd has been instrumental in establishing the confidence that sellers of all types of goods and merchandise need to maintain throughout each transaction that they enter into with their chosen counter parties who have come to our institution to assist in facilitating successful deals.