Trade finance services / Financial & fiduciary trade services / SWIFT Messaging

Who we are?

We are a provider of Trade Finance Services with a dedicated team of Trade Finance Specialists. We can provide structured trade finance solutions to meet your specific international trade finance requirements. We have SWIFT capability for easy and faster transmission of letters of credit and other financial messages across the globe.

Trade and Merchant Trust provide financial and fiduciary trade services to its clients.

We offer our services at a very competitive price without compromising on quality and efficiency. We understand that efficient service is crucial in international trade finance transactions.

The management of the trust company is effective in responding to specific criteria about each and every transaction. The geography of where goods are shipped from and where goods is shipped to are specific factors that are key to successful transactions.

Relationship Management Application

The Relationship Management Application is a service provided by SWIFT used with the purpose of managing the business relation between financial institutions. RMA (Relationship Management Application) makes it possible for financial institutions to define which counterparties can send them FIN messages.


Our Services

Our trade finance specialists work at structuring trade finance tools on behalf of our clients We have a specialised Energy/Commodity Desk for Energy and Commodity Transactions We offer strategic advice to our global trading clients.

North American Operations

Energy Desk, Diesel Fuel Trading, Petrol / Gasoline Trading, SWIFT Messaging, Contract or Purchase order facilitation, Fund Management Services, Advisory Services

Letter of Credit Back Office Services

SWIFT Messaging Services, Standard Settlement Services, Document Advisory Services, Safekeeping Services, Advisory Services.

Import letter of credit

A credit facility issued by Trade and Merchant Trust to its clients’ banks undertaking payment(s) on behalf of our corporate customers to a beneficiary/bank against presentation of documents complying with the Letter of Credit terms.

Export letter of credit

This facility facilitates international trade transactions. Since the buyer is in a different country, the exporter is assured of payment once the goods are shipped, against presentation of shipping documents per the LC terms.

Documentary Collections

We facilitate international trade transactions by providing a documentary collection facility. Under this arrangement, the supplier knows that the shipping documents is released to the buyer against payment (DP) or acceptance (DA) of the draft.

Fiduciary and Lock-Box

Trade and Merchant Trust can provide lock-box and safekeeping services in order to receive payment for goods delivered to third parties, and distribute the collected funds to the parties associated with the transaction.