About us

About Trade and Merchant Trust Company

Trade and Merchant Trust provides financial and fiduciary trade services to its clients. We are a provider of Trade Finance Services with a dedicated team of Trade Finance Specialists. We can provide structured trade finance solutions to meet your specific international trade finance requirements. We have SWIFT capability for easy and faster transmission of letters of credit and other financial messages across the globe.


We offer our services at very competitive price without compromising on quality and efficiency. We understand that efficient service is crucial in international trade finance transactions.


Our past:
The management of Trade and Merchant Trust Company has many decades of successful experience in creating and managing trade finance and structured transactions. What management stands for is transparency to all parties and counterparties and providing benefits and value to our customers and clientele.


Our future:
Because the specialty of Trade and Merchant Trust is to support trade, its future is dependent upon the markets of the world, how they trade and the interactions between the sellers and the buyers of all types of merchandise.


The management of the trust company is effective in responding to specific criteria about each and every transaction.

The geography of where goods are shipped from and where goods are shipped to are specific factors that are key to successful transactions. The focus on the types of goods and merchandise extremely important.


The clientele that we currently service are mostly traders of consumers goods. The kinds of goods that are required to fulfill the needs of a growing middle class. is a key indicator of where Trade and Merchant must focus its activities to best facilitate the trade in basic commodities.


The main source of consumer goods around the world continues to be from manufacturers in Asia. That is why the company will continue to focus its marketing efforts on importers everywhere that buy from Asian sellers.


However; there is a host of other products and services offered from developing and developed nations that can bring clients and customers to Trade and Merchant Trust. The Trust company is actively investigating its activities in the world that will enable it to work with companies that import alternative energy products. Renewables such as wind and solar and alternative organic energy such as bio-diesel and ethanol are sold in quantities and packaging that fits the company’s traditional models.


The company has been formed to be fast turning, fast reacting with the ability to service clients as the markets needs. The
company plans to increase its business volume at a steady rate that matches its resource abilities.

Our goals

The company’s 3 year plan is to leverage its successful business model. Trade and Merchant Trust has:
1. Made arrangements with global financial marketing firms in major cities to represent their interests.
2. Situated its administrative staff in both New Zealand and New York City
3. Has opened accounts with global banks to support it multi-country operations


By building a relationship with a global banking group that can help support a growth of up to 2 times its current sales volume.

Trade and merchant Trust Company and its captive marketing organizations are positioned to provide trade finance services to client companies domiciled in various countries around the world. To accomplish its sales goals, The Trust Company has located its sales representatives in countries with a growing middle class and with an appetite for consumer goods. They are well trained and charged with the work to market the company’s services by providing import letter of credit services to importers of such consumer goods.


The company will easily meet its planned sales goals.

Our priorities

The staff at Trade and Merchant Trust Company are committed to continue the process of building the business strength from the ground up.

The company is separated in to two action groups.

Staying close to our customers and clients, managing risks, maintaining strategic momentum, maintain a sound financial and organizational footing, deliver another year of profitability.
The goals of the staff at Trade and Merchant Trust are to build a legacy.