Chairman’s message

Welcome to Trade and Merchant Trust

Marshall Jablon

Chairman and CEO

Welcome to the Trade and Merchant Trust website. It’s my decades of experience in the world of international trade and finance that allows me the privilege to offer our unique services in bespoke fashion direct to you. You will not find another company quite like ours anywhere on Earth, and I am very proud of that.


While I’m thrilled at the opportunity to demonstrate why we’re routinely trusted with the critical business affairs of our global clientele, I must address an issue which has lately become very troubling to me: one of our former clients has used a web-based public forum to complain about TMT.


While we strive for perfection, nobody can be perfect. In the highly isolated incidents where we’ve made mistakes, I have personally supervised all resolutions to the client’s highest level of satisfaction. Be aware that this is not one of those occasions.

Here, we’ve been held responsible for the actions of a 3rd party over which we have absolutely no control. I wish there were a way we could help this client, but we simply have no legal grounds to do so.


Also on this public forum, you’ll find complaints against the world’s most trusted companies—names you know like JP Morgan Chase, Standard Chartered, Deutsche, HSBC, Citi Group, and Bank of America; I suppose you might say we’re in good company. Those complaints indicate no more of a risk to their clients as our complaint does to ours.


Ultimately, with whom you choose to transact is your decision. It is my hope and expectation that in your evaluation of our firm, you will conduct your own due diligence and avoid taking the word of unknown third-parties who possess a clear conflict of interest.
We look forward to serving you.